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IUFRO Conference on Gender and Natural Resources
September 6th till September 10th 2009
Gender education in curricula of natural resources
management - implicit and explicit!
Pictures: Barbara Hinterstoisser (BaHi) and Bettina Jansen-Schulz (BJSch)
The IUFRO unit “Education, gender and forestry” will organise a conference on gender education at UBC1, Vancouver, cosponsored by Faculty of Forestry of UBC, the Centre for Women’s and Gender Studies at UBC and the Leuphana University of Lueneburg, Germany.
1) Integrative Gendering in Higher Education Didactics
Higher education didactics in Germany and Europe are confronted with two innovations: first the modularization of studies due to the so called “Bologna Process” needs a shift from teaching to learning. Second: good teaching integrates gender and diversity aspects structurally in the contents as well as in the interactions. Both are not yet regarded systematically in the higher education didactics. In this workshop we will work out international concepts and approaches of integrative gendering and in higher education didactics (on
the base of the Leuphana University of Lueneburg (Northern Germany) as a good practise example).
2) Gender aspects in higher education in the field of forestry and natural resources management 
Thorough knowledge about gender issues must be part of the qualification of graduates from forestry and natural resources management as they will work in a gendered business. Therefore gender issues must be integrated into the curricula in the core and in the elective parts. Teaching gender issues will largely be based on gender research.
Please note that the conference has been moved from Colorado as earlier announced to UBC because of organisational reasons.






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